"You made everything so much easier for us"
I just want to say from the bottom of my heart how amazing you have been to us. It's such a difficult time, but you helped us through it with lots of laughter and tears. James you were the perfect person to conduct Mums send off. Mum definitely got everything she asked for at her funeral. You made everything so much easier for us and I know Mum would of been happy.
- Debbie Mack
Our Services
Here are our prices for three different services that Oaklands can provide. Please Contact Us should you require burial as the prices vary in Churchyards and Cemeteries, or if you require a different Crematorium.
Considerate (direct) Cremation
£1,912 Inclusive
More and more people are specifying that when they die their bodies are simply to be cremated without a funeral service. This might be for ethical, financial or practical reasons. Families may even feel a separate memorial service in their own time.
Service Details
Oaklands Chapel Service
£3,016 Inclusive
At Oaklands Funeral Service we have a small chapel to hold a delicate personal funeral service for approximately 30 people. It is a dignified low cost way for small families to say goodbye without the intimidation of a large crematorium.
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Traditional Cremation
£4,022 Inclusive
This is our main all inclusive service.
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Oaklands Funeral Service Chapel
Oaklands Funeral Service
Your loved ones funeral can be as simple or elaborate as you require to adhere to their wishes. We promise to deliver an outstanding service and a truly dignified funeral.

If you are unable to cover the costs of the funeral, help may be at hand. You may be able to receive financial help from the Department of Work and Pensions in the way of a grant or loan. If you are the person responsible for settling the funeral account and if you are in receipt of any of the following benefits:
  • Income support
  • Family credit
  • Housing benefit
  • Council Tax benefit
More information and guidance can be found on the Government website: www.gov.uk/funeral-payments/overview
Oaklands Funeral Service Chapel
Some Services We Use
Looking for a Natural Coffin or Urn?
Earth to Heaven coffins represents an opportunity to offer a choice without compromising on standards.

All products are made by skilled craftsmen, using only the highest quality willow harvested from renewable and sustainable sources.

For more information, view the brochure
Oaklands Funeral Service Chapel
Loving Memory Pins
For centuries, symbols have been used to acknowledge support, connection and remembrance. The use of small pieces as symbols of remembrance dates back to the Victorian era, where tokens, such as black jet brooches or touchstones, were given out as keepsake items at funerals and were a way of commemorating a loved one’s death.

With this tradition in mind, we have a range of ‘In Memory Pins’ for you to gift to family and friends at the funeral of your loved one as a token of remembrance. Serving as a keepsake, our designs allow you to cherish your loved one’s memory.

You can purchase these over the phone on 01243 773114 or you can pop into our shop and buy one.
Memory Pin Poster