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Flowers have long been a component of funeral ceremonies and are often given by well wishers to honor the deceased. Depending on the culture, flowers can also commmunicate certain messages or meanings, which can be especially touching for the loved ones of the deceased. Beyond just sympathy, the right floral arrangement at a funeral conveys respect and honor for the deceased, as well as hope and a celebration of life Flowers are also a unifying focal pooint for conversation and remembrance as their significance often prompts the sharing of memories of the departed and offers comfort to the family.
Flowers symbolise the natural cycle of death and renewal on the one hand, and also offer an uplifting and lasting visual image on a day of great sadness.

Coffin sprays can be made as half or full coffin spray in range of colours and styles to suit client’s wishes. If you would like to discuss details further please do not hesitate to contact us on 01243 773114