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Our experienced team will assist you when selecting a coffin and explain the details, construction and finishing options available to you.

Coffins and caskets are suitable for either burial or cremation and vary from the elaborate to the simple, according to your funeral requirements.

For many people, the coffin or casket is considered as a tribute and is therefore carefully selected.

We deliberately avoid the use of wood preparations and finishes on our coffins that are harmful to the environment. There are a selection of coffins that are manufactured using natural plant materials such as wicker, sweetcorn leaf and bamboo. Our extensive range of solid and veneer coffins come in a variety of different timbers.

We also provide cardboard coffins that can be personalized with your favorite image example a beach scene, hobby or interest. An engraved name plate of the loved one is usually attached to the lid of the coffin.

We are happy to discuss with you the selection of religious symbols such as a cross or crucifix, or non-religious symbols such as a rose, or symbols used in the funeral of persons of non-Christian faiths


  upton-elm    henley-oak    lichfield-oak


Traditional Oak & Elm Veneered Coffins


 Solid Popular coffin with Rose inlay in the lid and matching wooden handles. This is a stunning solid wooden coffin with luxurious lining and pillow.                                                                                                                   Lambourne new copy1                                Lucia with Cav copy1


 Solid Wooden White coffin with Gold effect solid handles and padded quitted lining. 



                                      richmond                   white-cardinal


 Solid Oak casket can be finished in oak or white and fitted with a luxurious padded lining.  This can also be supplied in solid mahogany


Willow, Seagrass & Bamboo Coffins 


We are able to offer a quality eco-friendly range of coffins, that are made from natural and sustainbly  sourced materials.  Our main supplier and manufacturer of coffins made from sustainable materials is a company called Earth to Heaven

Isis on white with hops SmallIsis - Oval Shaped Willow FINAL-7 SmallVerbena - Oval Shaped BambooSeagrass 2 MediumSeagrass - Traditional Shape


FINAL-11C SmallSweet Isis - Oval shape Willow Sweetcorn Leaves Juniper 5 SmallJuniper - Traditional Shaped Willow & Sweetcorn LeavesLarkspur SmallLarkspur - Traditional Shaped Willow


Pictorial Coffins


We can offer a range of pictorial coffins that can be made from wood or cardboard.  These coffins can be uniquely personalised to suit peoples favourite places, hobbies or interests.

Butterfly 1 SmallButterflyPenguin2 SmallPenguin4132 - Waterfalls SmallWaterfalls