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As part of the funeral arrangements, a hearse will need to be organised.

A standard motorised hearse is the most frequently requested, though in accordance with the wishes of your loved one you may prefer a horse-drawn or motorbike hearse. Other vehicles, too, have been utilised in the past such as trucks and vintage hearses, and we will certainly do our best to accommodate your requests. Whatever you decide, we can make all the necessary arrangements and take care of the practicalities.

You may also want to consider how many vehicles you need in the cortege, where it will leave from and whether or not you would like to take a special route significant to your loved one.

 Horse Drawn Hearse

 Earth to Heavan2 009r  This is a modern day hearse fitted with disc brakes which is ideal for today’s modern roads.  This can be pulled by Dutch Friesians or the rare breed Suffolk Punch heavy horses.  Either of these breeds of horses would wear the black drapes and plumes.  The Friesians wear the traditional long ostrich plumes and the Suffolk’s wear the shorter cock plumes.

 Earth to Heavan2 019r

The Friesians

The Friesians have always been the traditional horse used for funerals and naturally everyone’s first choice.  They are truly stunning and do look elegant and extremely smart with the traditional long flowing manes and trails and when dressed in the ostrich plumes and drapes you could not ask for anything better for the final journey.

The Suffolk Punches 

 Earth to Heaven1 017r

They are England’s oldest breed of heavy horse and would have been used for this type of work many years ago, particularly for farm workers and country folk as these people would have been taken to their final resting place on a farm wagon drawn by one or two of these magnificent beats. The Suffolk’s can also pull a Norfolk Reed wagon.

The Suffolk Punch is always chestnut in colour, and is renowned for being gentle and docile.  They can walk at a very slow, sedate pace if required for mourners to follow behind or can trot on in traffic if required.

The Suffolk’s would also have their manes and tails plaited in traditional Suffolk style using raffia and have small and discreet black bows in the manes and ribbons in the tails to finish off the turnout, they would also wear the black drapes and cock plumes.

If you preferred a more natural look for this type of horse with no platting etc this can be arranged.

 Motorcycle Hearse


Our selection of motorcycles and sidecars, for some, provides the perfect alternative to a traditional hearse.